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Paranormal Investigations 

Guests have reported to hear whispers in their ears, doors opening and closing, footsteps when no one else is in the building, and even being touched. This ghostly image was taken by a guest admiring the woodwork. Could this be the image of the lady of the house, Mrs. Peter, welcoming guests to her home? 

Want to spend the night in a haunted house and investigate the paranormal? Come to one of our events or book the Mansion for your group. 


One Day Investigation

Our spirits do not only haunt during the evening while guests are asleep in their beds, they also make their presence known throughout the day!

Prices starting at $350


One Night Investigation

It's lights out at the Mansion! Investigate the Mansion throughout the night and maybe make contact with one of our many spirits that still roam this historical home. 

Prices starting at $500

Weekend Investigation

Spend the whole weekend with us and our ghostly spirits! This will give investigators the opportunity to explore the Mansion in great detail and increase their chance of making contact with any of the many ghosts that still call the Mansion their home.

Prices starting at $1,000


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